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Black and black tape

· Product description:

Substrate: Polyester film
Adhesive: Polyacrylate
Color: Black
release material: transparent PET silicon release film
Specifications:(500mm) width (100M, 200M) length

· Product characteristics:

Excellent shading effect; The flexible substrate has good adhesion and followability, strong curved surface resistance and anti-warping performance, and also has a good bonding effect on fine edges. The PET release film with medium release degree is used for punching and rotary cutting. It has good processing performance, is not easy to break in high temperature and high speed operation, and does not overflow glue.

· Product Application:

Used for bonding and fixing of backlight modules of 3C products such as mobile phones and digital cameras; used when materials such as glass, metal and plastic parts require extremely thin thickness and shading characteristics.


Technical parameters:

Project Unit Specification value Test Method
substrate thickness MM 0.012±0.002 GB/T 7125-2014
Total thickness MM 0.05±0.003 GB/T 7125-2014
Thickness of release film A MM 0.036±0.002 GB/T 7125-2014
Thickness of release film B MM 0.025±0.002 GB/T 7125-2014
A/B surface ring initial adhesion N/25mm ≥ 8 GB/T 31125-2014
Peeling force of A/B side steel plate N/25MM 19±4 GB/T 2792-2014
Peeling force of A/B side PC board N/25MM 19±4 Refer to GB/T 2792-2014
Normal temperature holding force of A/B surface 1Kg/20mm*20mm ≥ 24H GB/T 4851-2014
High temperature retention force of A/B surface at 60 ℃ 1Kg/20mm*20mm ≥ 24H Refer to GB/T 4851-2014
High temperature retention of A/B surface at 100 ℃ 1Kg/20mm*20mm ≥12H Refer to GB/T 4851-2014
A/B surface 90 ° constant load holding force 70mm*20mm ≥ 24H Fixed load test method
A/B surface repulsive force 85 ℃/72H No separation Test method for repulsive force
Light transmittance % <0.01 GB/T 2410-2008

· Preservation conditions and duration:

○ Store at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight, freezing and high temperature, and do not squeeze or damage the package.
○(20 ℃ ± 10 ℃)*(≤ 80% RH) under the condition of temperature and humidity, the validity period is 12 months from the date of coating and 6 months from the date of shipment.

Keywords: HS-2205B

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