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In Huizhou, we always adhere to the core talent values of "both ability and political integrity", adhere to the concept of "human resources are important resources of enterprises", and implement the talent strategy of "high goal, high identity, high vitality, high performance and high incentive. We firmly believe that the efforts and value created by every employee are crucial. The cornerstone of enterprise success is inseparable from every employee, every team, every day, continuous action, breakthrough self, achieve common goals, and realize the value of individuals and companies.

Talent Concept

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We recruit talents from all over the world, regardless of national boundaries, not only academic qualifications, but also strive to create an attractive and exciting working environment for existing employees and future working partners who are interested in joining. It also allows smart and motivated colleagues to work happily together, meet challenges and opportunities, and gain learning and growth.

We listen to your suggestions and ideas and strive to provide you with development opportunities at every stage of your career. No matter joining any department or any position, our increasingly powerful business will provide you with diversified career development plans and potential opportunities, create and provide greater space for every dream and promising you to display your talents, and obtain competitive work returns and a sound welfare security system to help you balance work and life.

The never-ending spirit of innovation continues to lead Huizhou to move forward. We are committed to building a global talent network, responding to the continuous problems and challenges in the future, pursuing a broad future of sustainable development, and jointly achieving innovative value!

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