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Negative high temperature tape

· Product description:

Substrate: PET film
Adhesive system: Acrylate
Color: Yellow
Specifications:(9mm) width (400M) length

· Product characteristics:

The color of this tape is close to brown and has a high degree of recognition. In addition, this tape has excellent electrolyte resistance. The tape will not fade at 85 ℃/48h in the electrolyte and still maintains good adhesion to the metal foil.

· Product Application:

Suitable for all kinds of steel shell, aluminum shell, soft package, polymer battery core pole piece part of the adhesive protection.

Technical parameters:

Project Unit Specification value Test Method
substrate thickness mm 0.025±0.003 GB/T 7125-2014
Total thickness mm 0.032±0.005 GB/T 7125-2014
Peeling force at room temperature N/25mm 8±3 GB/T 2792-2014
Tensile Strength Mpa ≥ 100 GB/T 30776-2014
Temperature resistance / The adhesive layer and the base material shall be free of degumming, fading and deformation at high temperature. Monolithic rubber surface up 150 ℃/2h
Corrosion resistance / Adhesive layer and substrate in the electrolyte without dissolution, no fading, no deformation Visual observation after 24h at room temperature in electrolyte
breakdown voltage KV >1 60HZ AC mode for 10 seconds at a rate of 20% V/s

· Preservation conditions and duration:

○ Store at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight, freezing and high temperature, and do not squeeze or damage the package.
○(20 ℃ ± 10 ℃)*(≤ 80% RH) under the condition of temperature and humidity, the validity period is 12 months from the date of coating and 6 months from the date of shipment.

Keywords: HS-217#2535R

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