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Pole Ear Adhesive Tape

· Product description:

Substrate: Polyimide film
Adhesive: Polyacrylate
Color: Coffee
Specifications:(500mm) width (100M,200M) length

· Product characteristics:

The use of polyimide film as the substrate, high tensile strength, good temperature resistance, special glue formula design, so that it has a very high adhesive force, in the harsh electrolyte immersion and baking, but also to ensure that the ear closely fit, can meet the needs of fully automated production.

· Product Application:

Specially used for all kinds of steel shell, aluminum shell, soft package, polymer battery core ear parts of the adhesive or winding.

Technical parameters:

Project Unit Specification value Test Method
substrate thickness mm 0.025±0.003 GB/T 7125-2014
Total thickness mm 0.05±0.005 GB/T 7125-2014
Steel plate peeling force N/25mm 12±4 GB/T 2792-2014
Tensile Strength N/25mm ≥80 GB/T 30776-2014
Temperature resistance / No deformation, no wrinkling Baking of bonded aluminum foil at 150 ℃/30min
Electrolyte resistance / Not falling, not dissolving Laying aluminum foil and soaking in electrolyte at 85 ℃/4H
ROHS / OK Third-party testing

· Preservation conditions and duration:

○ Store at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight, freezing and high temperature, and do not squeeze or damage the package.
○(20 ℃ ± 10 ℃)*(≤ 80% RH) under the condition of temperature and humidity, the validity period is 12 months from the date of coating and 6 months from the date of shipment.

Keywords: HS-201B#2550L

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