Wuhu Huishi New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Wuhu Huishi New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Research and development personnel accounted for 16% of the number of enterprises

Technical R & D Support

Cooperation Platform

Innovation chain Industry chain Talent chain Integration Collaborative deployment

Adhere to the integrated and coordinated deployment of the innovation chain, industrial chain, and talent chain, and maintain the cooperative relationship of "production, learning, research, and use" with experts and professors from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Anhui University of Engineering and other universities, and consolidate the dominant position of enterprises in technological innovation.

Coating platform

Ningbo Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences & Huishi New Material Technology Development Cooperation Signing Ceremony

Anhui University

Joint Innovation Lab

Anhui Engineering University & Wuhu Huishi New Material

Industry-University-Research Cooperation Unit

Wuhu Huishi New Material