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Hot Melt Tape Concept

Hot melt adhesive it does not use any solvent in the production and application, tasteless, does not pollute the environment, is known as "green glue", especially suitable for use in continuous production lines. Hot melt adhesive is a kind of polymer adhesive which is coated in hot melt state and hardened by cooling to achieve bonding. According to the provisions of the national standard, the definition of hot melt adhesive is "a thermoplastic adhesive that is coated in a molten state and cooled to a solid state to complete the bonding". Solvent-free, one hundred percent solid content, mainly composed of thermoplastic polymers. Hot melt adhesive has been applied to packaging since the end of the 1950 s. Due to its unique advantages, it has incomparable advantages compared with other adhesive varieties and has become one of the fastest growing varieties of adhesives. The existing hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive is mainly composed of thermoplastic elastomer (such as sis, sbs, etc.), softening oil, resin, antioxidant and other components. Among them, its main component is the thermoplastic elastomer sis or sbs. They are all block copolymers, although they have thermoplastic and rubber elasticity, excellent creep performance, suitable for the preparation of hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, but due to some of its own characteristics, making the hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive tape heat resistance is poor. At present, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives are made by heating the above components to 160 ° C. to melt and physically mix them. The coating operation is then carried out at a high temperature of about 160°C to ensure that it is fluid. The hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive tape after coating is easy to overflow in hot environment, and the adhesive tape is easy to peel off from the paste. Due to the limitation of manufacturing and coating process conditions, the hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive is difficult to form the required network structure by chemical crosslinking, so it is difficult to obtain better temperature resistance. Application No. ***** (a hot melt adhesive with excellent heat resistance and a hot melt adhesive tape manufacturing technology) discloses a hot melt adhesive and a hot melt adhesive tape with excellent heat resistance, but the hot melt adhesive and the hot melt adhesive tape still have poor high temperature resistance, and their tensile strength and other physical properties are poor during long-term use. Therefore, research and development are needed.